Herond Browser Privacy Statement

Last updated: June 16, 2023

1. Introduction

This privacy statement explains how we handle data in Herond Browser, including our website and services. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. This statement outlines the types of data we collect, how we use it, and our rights regarding your personal information.

2. Definitions

Personal data: Refers to any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as IP addresses, device IDs, and location data. Data controller: The entity responsible for determining the purposes and means of processing personal data. Data processor: An entity that processes personal data on behalf of the data controller. Legal basis: The lawful reasons for processing personal data, including consent, contractual obligations, legitimate interests, and legal compliance. Purpose: The specific reason or reasons for processing personal data. Process or processing: Actions performed on personal data, as defined by relevant data protection laws. Retention/retain: The duration for which personal data is stored before being deleted or anonymized. Transfer: The act of transmitting personal data to a recipient outside of the geographic region it was collected from. Herond Browser: Refers to our browser application and related services.

3. Applications

The kinds of data (including personal data) that we process vary a great deal depending on which applications you use. You can read more about how each of our products processes data below.

4. Herond Account

We collect your email address to register for a Herond Account, a feature that enables you to stay connected with a unified identity in the vast realm of web 3.0. Your email address will serve as the central hub for important communication, including password recovery, service registration and confirmation, as well as announcements regarding programs, promotions, and exciting mini-game events.

5. Herond Browser and Herond Shield

We gather details about any crashes or errors encountered while using the browser. This enables us to identify and resolve issues promptly for a seamless browsing experience tailored to your needs. We prioritize your data ownership and privacy. Rest assured, we do not collect any other personal information from our users. With Herond Browser and Herond Shield, your data remains secure and in your control.

6. Herond Wallet

We collect the following information from you: your wallet address, the lists of tokens you hold, and whether or not you utilize the swap feature (for our future affiliate program). Rest assured, this data helps us enhance your experience and provide personalized offerings aligned with your preferences.

7. Data Collection and Processing

Herond Browser collects and processes personal data to provide and improve our services. The specific categories of data we collect and process may vary based on the features and functions of our browser and services.

8. Data Controller & Internal Processing

Herond Browser is developed and operated by Herond Browser Ltd, a company registered under the applicable laws. As the primary data controller, Herond Browser Ltd determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. We may engage other companies within the Herond Browser Group to support the development, marketing, and monetization of our products. In such cases, these companies act as data processors, following our instructions and ensuring compliance with relevant data protection laws.

9. Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

We utilize cookies and similar technologies on our websites to enhance user experience, personalize content, analyze site traffic, and measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. By adjusting your browser settings, you can control the use of cookies. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more details.

10. Children's Privacy

We do not knowingly collect personal data from children without appropriate parental consent. If you are a parent or guardian and believe your child has provided personal information without your consent, please contact us. We encourage parents to guide their children's online activities and review this privacy statement.

11. International Data Transfers

In certain circumstances, we may transfer or share data, including personal data, with other entities within the Herond Browser Group or third parties such as marketing and monetization partners. To ensure adequate protection, we utilize legally valid mechanisms for data transfers, including standard contractual clauses or other safeguards required by applicable laws.

12. Your Rights and Statement Updates

You have the right to access or delete your personal data held by Herond Browser. To exercise these rights or make any privacy-related requests, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the provided contact details. You may be required to provide additional information to verify your identity. If you have concerns about our data processing practices, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection authority. We will update this privacy statement to reflect any changes in our data handling practices. The updated version will include the date of the last revision. We may notify you about significant changes through our website or in-app notifications. We encourage you to review this statement periodically.

13. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices or this statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the following details: Email: [email protected]

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