A Browser for Web 3.0

Embrace an uninterrupted, ad-free experience, and navigate effortlessly across all your devices with ease. Herond Browser is here to level up the Web for everyone, for free, forever.

Shield away from trackers and stalkers, while browsing ad-free and privately with Herond Shield.
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Crypto wallet
Store cryptocurrencies and digital assets securely with Herond Wallet, built into Herond Browser.
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Block all ads, even with anti-adblock

Herond Shield, built in to Herond Browser, is your ultimate ad-blocking solution, offering a clean online environment by effectively blocking all ads, ensuring a clutter-free browsing experience that puts your experience and privacy above all else.

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Bypass anti-adblock detection

Herond Shield is able to bypass existing Anti-Adblock programs, effectively blocking invasive ads on all social media and video streaming platforms. Enjoy your videos, conversations, and more, without annoying interruptions.


Block trackers and stalkers

Herond Shield keeps your private data safe by hidden all trackers that are following you through the web. Rest assured your browsing history, cookies and personal data are completely protected from online threats.


Detect scam sites and malware

Herond Shield employs ASAS (Advanced Security Alert System) that keeps a directory of fake/malicious sites from multiple sources, and automatically warns you when visiting a potential scam site or project.


Speed boost for 3x efficiency

Herond enhances your browsing experience with a turbocharged speed boost. Remove all frustrations and stream your sports, videos and more with 3x speed.


Lighter RAM, faster speed

Herond Browser uses significantly less RAM by blocking ads and cookie trackers secretly running in the background.


Keep tabs organized

With Group Tabs and Vertical Tabs, you can keep your tabs personalized and organized, making it a breeze to manage and switch between different tasks or interests.


Smooth syncing across devices

With Herond Browser, your settings, browsing history, and bookmarks can be accessed across different devices, saving your precious time and effort.


Built-in crypto wallet

Built into Herond Browser, Herond Wallet is a multi-chain, non-custodial social wallet. Whether you’re a newbie or a degen, Herond Wallet is taking your Web 3.0 experience to a new level, removing the burdens of private keys and protecting assets from potential hacks.

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Your decentralized Web 3 Wallet, supporting multiple EVM & non-EVM chains.

Multi-chain, non-custodial wallet

Social log-in feature

Remove the complexity of seed phrases. Access your wallets any time, anywhere just by logging in.

Safely retrieve your keys with 3 elements: authorized device, email, and PIN code.


Step into the Future with Herond & Web 3.0

Jump into the new world of Web3 and let Herond Browser bring you the best of both worlds! To a new horizon and beyond!

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